Always Hire A Personal Trainer With The Correct Certifications

The first task undertaken by a trainer that is certifed and has the correct personal training courses is a thorough evaluation of the condition of the client and appreciation of their fitness goals. Understanding everything there is to know about a client is vital as that is the basis for devising a customised workout plan with clear objectives. In a professionally-designed fitness regimen the types of exercises are noted and workout volumes also measured so that the client’s progress can be calculated from one week to another.

UK level 3 personal trainer certification

Ensure That the Workout Volumes Are Smooth

The true test of physical fitness is that the delivery of workout volumes should be as smooth as possible. This means that the variance between the first time and the last time the exercise is being performed during a workout session should be as small as possible. For a client doing weight training, more is achieved with a lift intensity that is consistent during a specific set duration and rest period between sets.

Minimize Local Exhaustion

Even though beginner clients are more enthusiastic when starting out, sooner or later discomfort or pain experienced dulls their excitement. A professional trainer that has a UK level 3 personal trainer certification will try and avoid local fatigue in the muscles instead opting for a smooth workout with big volumes that they will enjoy doing and also get visible results from. It is a good idea to indulge in warming up sessions that are longer and allow the body to gradually gear up for the actual workout. A gradual cooling down is equally essential after the session.

Making Progress Persistently

As the nervous systems of beginners adapts quickly, their initial progress in strength training is pretty quick, but slows down after six to eight weeks. It is useful to increase the reps to a certain level and then increase the load while bringing down the reps to the initial count. This technique allows clients to increase the reps and make progress with their force control. A continuous progression of this ensures that the quality of execution is maintained without getting addicted to increasing loads.

Focusing On Warm-Up Specific Phase

When a client needs to be educated about movement, position, and muscle mobilization, experienced fitness trainers will build it into a particular phase of the warm-up and not wait till the time they are ready to do the lifts. This ensures that all the muscles are already awake, the joints are moving very well, and the nervous system prepared to control a specific gross pattern. This introductory phase ensures that the body is not surprised at being asked to do something that it is not quite prepared for.

Allow Clients to Recover Properly From Workouts

A fitness trainer with personal trainer course from a reputed source will know the importance of allowing adequate periods of rest for proper recovery of muscles. A common mistake by overenthusiastic clients under the care of those without the benefit of professional personal trainer qualifications is to keep on working on their bodies and not allow time for rest and recovery. A hard and serious bout of exercises should ideally be followed by as much as 72 hours of relaxation so there is little point in subjecting the body to needless exercise too often and too hard.

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